Fortnite Finally Reveals When You Can Play As Deadpool


Fortnite has seen an impressive array of licensed characters show up as promotional skins. Over the various seasons, players have been able to dress up as Batman, Harley Quinn, John Wick, Rey, Kylo Ren and even play as Thanos. The latest hero to come to the game though is the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool.

The fourth wall-breaking antihero has been a presence in Chapter Two of the second season for a while now, with players able to discover his secret hideout within the game’s Battle Pass menu and earn his katanas by completing special Deadpool challenges. But despite him being in the game for over a month, the Deadpool skin remains under lock and key.

That looks set to change very soon, though, as eagle-eyed players have spotted his hideout changing over time, giving us clues as to when he’s going to land. As you complete Deadpool’s challenges, you’ll see his hideout become filled with toilet rolls (very topical) and a new calendar appearing above them. Said calendar points to April 3rd, which many fans have concluded will be the release date for his skin.

That date also coincides with the day that the week 7 challenges drop, further indicating that’s when we can finally get his skin. Even better, the challenges aren’t particularly difficult ones, so expect to see many Deadpools running around the island after that date.

In the meantime, Fortnite is continuing its reign as the most popular online game in the world. With many stuck at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the servers are busier than ever. I’ve been playing it with family and friends in Duos and Squads as a virtual way to socialize. After all, what better way to cement those bonds of friendship than by being flown around the map in a helicopter as I pepper people with minigun bullets?