Fortnite Season 7 Teaser Hints At Star Trek Crossover

Star Trek Spock

Fortnite fans are about to find themselves playing host to a number of visitors from across the cosmos. Beginning tomorrow, June 8th, the seventh season of Chapter 2 will kick off, bringing with it a ton of changes to Apollo Island. As usual, folks can expect a refreshed Battle Pass, live world events and an over-encompassing theme for the next several weeks which, in this case, appears to be all about extraterrestrial life.

Being the go-to video game of choice for collaborations that it is, fans can once again be safe in the knowledge that Epic Games has plenty of awesome-looking cosmetics based on pop culture in the works, including what appears to be Superman. Indeed, DC’s Man of Steel is almost guaranteed to show up in some form or fashion, but he certainly won’t be the only alien stopping by.

Many have speculated that Star Trek (which era remains to be seen) will be making the trip, too, thanks to several teasers, including that shown below.

For those not aware, the image above comes from a segment at last year’s Game Awards in which Epic COO Donald Mustard teased that something in his background directly alluded to a future crossover. While blurry, one of the posters hanging on Mustard’s wall is for J.J. Abrams’ 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, suggesting that Captain Kirk and other crew members of the USS Enterprise could be making an appearance in the battle royale.

Their presence would match with Fortnite‘s upcoming sci-fi theme, though we’ll hold off on calling this one a shoo-in until the updates go live tomorrow. Stay tuned for the full patch notes as and when they drop in less than 24 hours!