How To Solve Where The Magnifying Glass Sits On The Treasure Map Loading Screen Challenge In Fortnite Season 8


Fortnite developer Epic Games has gone the whole hog with its pirate theme for the battle royale title’s eighth season. Since it began three weeks ago, peg-legged privateers, cast iron cannons and a generous helping of appropriately-themed cosmetics have made it into the live game for players to live out their fantasies of a swashbuckling lifestyle, but hold onto your hats – there’s more yet to come. Yesterday marked the arrival of Season 8’s third round of challenges, included among them a cryptic message tasking Battle Island regulars with using a specific loading screen in order to find one well-hidden Battle Star.

The loading screen in question, which you can see below, is a vague recreation of Fortnite‘s map with a big fat X scrawled in the bottom left-hand corner. Veterans will likely know exactly where to begin their search, but there’s no shame in looking to outside sources for help now, is there?

In order to find the spot ‘where the magnifying glass sits on the treasure map loading screen,’ you’ll want to eject yourself from the Battle Bus as close to the frigid icecaps of Polar Peak as possible. Failing that, you can always make the journey on foot, but you’ll need to be on the lookout for potential aggressors with the same objective.

Once you hit Polar Peak, head slightly South West until you’re smack-bang in the middle between it and Frosty Flights. Here, you’ll want to keep an eye out a pedestal encircled by an unnatural-looking circular formation of trees. Simply walk up to the structure and grab your Battle Star. That’s it!

With one of Fortnite Season 8’s trickier challenges now complete, you’re free to focus your attention on smashing out the remaining Week 3 challenges. And for the shortest route possible to completion, you can find a handy cheat sheet here.

Source: Comic Book