Fortnite’s Among Us-Inspired Game Mode Is Now Live

Among Us Fortnite Rumors
Image via InnerSloth LLC

Fortnite‘s rumored collaboration with Among Us has turned out to be very real, sort of. Indie developer InnerSloth hasn’t quite teamed up with Epic Games to deliver its addictive social deduction experience to fans of the battle royale, as earlier leaks suggested, but rather, the former has opted to adopt the formula and create its own, very similar, version.

Imposters, as it’s so-called, is now live in-game. The mode sees groups of ten players team up to safeguard the all-important Bridge. The twist, of course, comes in the form of a white lie. Eight members of the group will be bona fide Agents going about their job to protect and serve, while two, the titular Imposters, will be tasked with sabotaging those efforts via indirect means.

Agents will need to carry out various duties such as calibrate chests, make repairs to the Battle Bus, and deliver Storm reports to their designated location. Completing all tasks in a given match and correctly voting out Imposters will score your team a victory for the Imagined Order.

Hindering these plans every step of the way will be the latter, who will have the ability to directly eliminate Agents as well as temporarily freeze assignment progress, teleport unsuspecting Agents, and disguise themselves in sheep’s (or in this case, Peely’s) clothing. Similar to Among Us, sessions can be interrupted to check on colleagues and point fingers at anyone deemed suspicious, concluding in a vote to eject anyone believed to be up to no good.

In other words, if you have any experience with InnerSloth’s genre-defining game, Fortnite Imposters should feel like more of the same with a few twists thrown in for good measure.