Friday The 13th: The Game Receives New Single-Player Missions


Like the unstoppable force of the hockey mask wearing, machete-toting maniac at the heart of the iconic franchise, the good news for Friday The 13th: The Game just keeps on coming.

At no additional cost, the asymmetrical multiplayer murder-em-up is receiving a new slice of single-player content that will focus on a more cinematic, story-driven experience where players are given the opportunity to step into the blood-spattered shoes of that unstoppable killing machine, Jason Voorhees.

Gun Media’s latest trailer sheds some much needed light on the new mode’s change in style and pace, particularly compared to the base game’s more chaotic multiplayer-centric mayhem. Dubbed “Broken Down,” this brand new tutorial level is but an appetizer for the upcoming storyline challenges that are about to drop, and we’re certainly digging what we see so far.

It undoubtedly looks like a more measured and deliberate stealth horror gameplay experience when compared to the title’s more multiplayer-centric modes. That said, offline bots – a welcome feature that was introduced last December to many fans’ delight – allowed players to go toe-to-toe with offline AI opponents in a more single-player focused experience, too.

However, this newly added mode builds upon the survival horror’s cat-and-mouse single-player gameplay in significant ways, with a handful of more focused and polished story-driven missions as you don the hockey mask and lay waste to those pesky counsellors.

With an assortment of free, new content arriving recently to Friday the 13th: The Game too, like a deadlier and more terrifying Jason Voorhees, a new multiplayer map and killer and a batch of weaponry and gameplay balances, along with an engine upgrade and dedicated servers on the horizon, there’s really never been a better time to journey back to the creepy and iconic locales of Camp Crystal Lake.