From Tamriel To Helghan: Sony Unveils New ‘Perfect Day’ Ad For PlayStation 4


Sony debuted an all-new PlayStation 4 ad last night during Monday Night Football. Much like the company’s Greatness Awaits advertisement, this latest commercial is also live action and features references to The Elder Scrolls Online, DriveClub and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Filmed to the tranquil sound of Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day,’ you can check out the video in full below.

Following two friends role-playing through different blockbuster titles, the video unashamedly fits between musical and goofy comedy. From Tamriel to Helghast, the footage manages to capture some of the most-anticipated next-gen titles. And though The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t slated to release until early 2014, DriveClub and Killzone: Shadow Fall are there to represent the console’s launch line-up – a collection that won’t include Ubisoft’s cross-gen Watch Dogs.

The promotional video also launched in tandem with the new Greatness Awaits website, which invites users to upload their own tweets, photos and messages in order to be featured on the site. In essence, the domain itself serves as a haven for all things PlayStation 4, and even features a Tumbler-esque thread that collates all of the community’s PS4-themed uploads. What’s more, the site also links directly to the company’s Amazon page, enabling consumers to pre-order the console itself or select from the library of next-gen games.

The North American release of the PlayStation 4 is now just one month away, with Sony’s next-gen console launching on November 15th in the States before debuting in Europe on November 29th. Until then, though, let us know what you think about Sony’s latest live action commercial in the comments below.