Game-Breaking Apex Legends Bug Makes Looting Impossible

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have stumbled upon a particularly nasty bug that, if affected, makes playing to any efficient degree nigh-on impossible.

In a clip posted on Reddit detailing the strange occurrence, Komil85 notes how, seemingly spontaneously, they become unable to see or interact with any loot items. Playing as Gibraltar, the footage shows Komil attempt to open Loba’s Black Market Boutique shop and make a purchase, only to find the store completely void of any inventory. As an isolated incident, not being able to take advantage of their teammate’s ultimate ability would be little more than a minor inconvenience, though it’s quickly discovered that the issue is more widespread, as you can see for yourself over on Reddit.

Strangely, however, it appears as if items dropped directly to the ground remain unaffected, as Komil is seen picking up a weapon attachment shared by one of their teammates as well as a fresh set of armor. As Respawn has yet to acknowledge the bug’s existence, it’s not entirely clear what’s causing it, though given that this isn’t the first time that Loba’s Boutique ability has resulted in unintended gameplay, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to learn that the two are connected in some form or fashion.

Not long after Season 5’s release, users of a particular gamepad control layout found that attempting to purchase items from the temporary store would instead ping their squad members, no doubt causing frustration for all involved. Whatever the cause, it goes without saying that Respawn will have no choice but to address the problem if it becomes more widespread.

In more positive news, it appears as if Respawn has already begun teasing big things for Apex Legends Season 6, with Professional Soldier Banglore looking likely to get some long overdue character development. See here for all the details.