Gamers Can’t Beleive An Official Gucci Xbox Exists

Many know Gucci for their designer handbags. However, as the company celebrates over 100 years of being in business, there have been tons of interesting promotions going on surrounding it. While early reviewers adore the film House of Gucci set to release later this month, the internet is currently buzzing over a brand new Gucci-themed Xbox that will be on sale soon.

Only 100 units of the special Xbox Series X will exist. Considering they cost $10,000 apiece to buy, it’s not like many will have it within their price range anyways. It will feature two customized Xbox controllers, a console inspired by the Gucci Rhombi design that was famous back in the 1930s, and a custom Gucci-themed carrying case.

Oh, and Xbox Game Pass is also included. It certainly better be at that price.

“Xbox and Gucci’s first collaboration takes the House’s beginnings in the world of sports and leisure to the next level with 100 numbered Xbox Series X consoles—reimagined through archival details.

Official Gucci Xbox Website

Of course with the massive price tag and iconic look, a ton of gamers are salivating at the idea of even being able to somehow have one of the 100 consoles in their home.

Look, we can’t blame them for bringing it up with their therapist!

We know FaZe Clan is huge, but can they really afford one of these?

No child should be carrying around a $10,000 game console.

Well, that’s one way to buy it!

Yeah, we didn’t either.

If you’ve somehow got enough cash to drop on the new Gucci Xbox, it goes on sale on Nov. 17.