Gamers Can’t Get Over How Goofy Sasuke Is In Fortnite

Sasuke blissfully riding a rainbow unicorn pinata was not on the schedule for today, but apparently anything is possible in the plastic, virtual world of Epic’s Fortnite

After a teaser last week, the online video game’s collab with Naruto Shippuden went live today and there’s a lot for fans to enjoy. Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake make appearances as outfits, featuring adult Boruto variants for three of the characters. And Hidden Leaf Village can even be visited throughout the month. 

But what weebs and gamers have found the most fun isn’t any of the new Naruto-themed emotes or pickaxes⏤it’s seeing Team 7 out of place in the crossover-saturated world of Fortnite, like the stoic, brotherly rival to the series’ main character, Sasuke, fully content while riding a unicorn.

As the opposite of the childish and rambunctious Naruto, Sasuke is a good target for humor in Fortnite. There’s been no end to videos circulating of the ninja dancing uncharacteristically. In one tweet sharing a video of Sasuke dancing to “Rolex” (Ayo & Tayo), a user says “Sasuke would have a heart attack if he found out what they did to him.”

Other videos show Sasuke doing the Zany emote, dancing to “Everybody Loves Me,” and⏤incredibly⏤”Gangam Style.”

And there were plenty of other jokes about all the odd mash-ups that are possible in Fortnite as the game continues to collab with big franchises from across the world.

You can watch Team 7 try to eat ramen in the Fortnite / Naruto Shippuden collaboration announcement trailer below.