What Games To Consider (April 1st – April 5th)

Welcome to the We Got This Covered’s gaming couch. Come in, sit down and relax as we take you through the video game releases clogging up the calendar over the next seven days.

As we approach the end of the fiscal year for some countries and companies shift their output to accommodate the various conventions, gamers are forced to withstand peaks and troughs in terms of actual releases. It didn’t help that March 2013 was one of the busiest months in recent memory, with industry titans such as God of War, Tomb Raider and in particular Bioshock bashing bank balances the world over like a certain plumber bashing certain Goombas.

But hey, it’s the holidays! And why not treat yourself to one of this week’s brand new releases? Let our handy guide accompany you during your break, because this week promises some truly cracking – sorry, I couldn’t resist – releases to accompany you in your chocolate induced coma.

Now, let’s boot up the system and see what games are on this week’s horizon!

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