GameStop Defends Their Decision To Stay Open During Coronavirus Outbreak

God of War

With countries around the world taking increasingly drastic measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus, one inevitable casualty so far has been the high street. All but essential businesses (supermarkets, grocers, pharmacies, etc.) are now either in voluntary or enforced lockdown in Europe and the US, though fear not, for “essential” retailer GameStop remains open and ready for business.

Unsurprisingly, the internet has reacted with total incredulity to the video game chain’s decision, with many decrying the company’s total disregard for the health and safety of customers and employees alike. While not a soul would argue against gaming being a terrific means of passing the time while self-isolating at home, GameStop’s claim as “essential” is not only being criticized for being irresponsible, but completely disingenuous.

It is, after all, nothing short of common knowledge that video games are readily available online as digital downloads, a fact that GameStop has so far conveniently overlooked. In fact, the chain has recently attempted to defend its stance by publishing a number of “specific actions” it has taken in light of the coronavirus outbreak, which you can see below:

As expected, responses to the amendments listed have been nothing but negative.

Again, it remains to be seen if the continued pushback on social media will be enough to trigger a stance change, though the future looks bleak for GameStop whatever the outcome. Despite numerous attempts to remain relevant in a climate where digital sales are becoming increasingly popular, the inevitable economic impact of the Coronavirus will likely spell doom for the company regardless.

Closing sooner rather than later is the wiser decision here, but it remains to be seen if common sense prevails. Watch this space for more.