Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Bodarks: A Threat To Ghosts Trailer

At the beginning of Ubisoft‘s latest and most ominous trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, a text description listing two different types of werewolves appears. The screen is then taken up by an agitated Russian prisoner who’s been noticeably interrogated. His ramblings, combined with the aforementioned descriptions and Ghost soldier dialogue, paint the man as a Bodark. That term happens to designate men who wish to become part wolf, making it seem like this potentially unstable brute will be the futuristic soldiers’ number one enemy.

Take a look at the trailer, then let us know what you get from it.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be released onto consoles on May 22nd. Keyboard and mouse users will be able to engage in its high-tech warfare on June 12.