We Got This Covered’s Best Games Of E3 2016


Year after year, E3 brings with it lots to get excited about, from previously unannounced surprises to demos of the next big thing. E3 2016 was no different in this respect, as there were a lot of great games made available for demonstration, not to mention some very exciting announcements.

A select group stood above the pack, though, and cemented themselves as our games of show. Here, you’ll find Chad Goodmurphy and Shaan Joshi’s picks for the best of the best, the titles that blew them away and stuck with them long after they left Los Angeles. They saw a lot, and narrowing it down to just 3 picks each wasn’t easy, but these are the titles that they’re most looking forward to getting their hands on.

So, without further ado, read on for We Got This Covered’s best games of E3 2016.