GTA V Voice Actor Teases Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date


It just wouldn’t be an ordinary week without yet another unverifiable rumor concerning Grand Theft Auto 6, would it?

Naturally, what with Rockstar’s track record for delivering excellence, fans of the long-running series are eager to learn more about the upcoming sequel, so much so that even the smallest glimmer of hope for a release date is worthy of discussion. This time around, however, the rumor’s source isn’t an anonymous whistleblower or anything of the sort, but a reputable voice actor. That is, of course, assuming The Walking Dead and Westworld star Steven Ogg’s recent comment wasn’t conjured out of thin air or taken out of context.

During attendance at this year’s Brazil Game Show, Ogg reportedly told one fan that the next installment in the crime caper series is coming “soon,” further adding that GTA devotees need only “do the math,” in reference to Rockstar’s usual development cycle reaching the 7-8 year mark. Before we even begin to dissect what this could mean for a potential GTA 6 launch window, it’s worth noting that Ogg previously – and may still – had ties with Rockstar by way of his voice acting role as Grand Theft Auto V ‘protagonist’ Trevor Philips.

Vague comments, for sure, but if Ogg isn’t just guessing and is collaborating with Rockstar once more for Grand Theft Auto‘s next outing, I imagine there’s little more he could say without violating some form of NDA agreement. Either way, if we’re to assume, for just a moment, that all of the above is 100% accurate, then Grand Theft Auto 6 could release as early as 2020. By then, Grand Theft Auto V will have reached the ripe old age of seven, putting a maximum cap on its successor’s arrival (barring any delays), as 2021.

Tough to say either way, then, though Ogg’s apparent estimate does match an in-depth rumor discovered on Reddit earlier this month. Regardless, until we hear concrete details straight from Rockstar itself, nothing is set in stone.