Grand Theft Auto 6 Releasing In 2020 According To Retailer


Struggling to keep track of the myriad release dates posed for Grand Theft Auto 6?

Well, we’ve got bad news for you: there’s another one doing the rounds which, if accurate, could see Rockstar’s hugely anticipated sequel arrive much earlier than first thought. Austrian retailer Gameware, which has accurately leaked launch windows for upcoming games in the past, has updated its store listing for the title, specifically labelling GTA 6 as “coming in 2020.” Wishful thinking, or the result of insider knowledge?

Who knows, but you can check out a snapshot of the listing for yourselves below:

Of particular note in the screengrab is Gameware’s mention of a ‘D1 Edition,’ though a brief glance over the product description doesn’t appear to specify what, if any, bonus content is included in the special edition. It goes without saying, too, that the box art pictured is a mock-up, rather than the real deal.

Realistically, it’s incredibly unlikely that Rockstar plans to unleash Grand Theft Auto 6 within the next 12 months. Besides the fact that the studio has yet to even confirm the sequel’s existence, a release date in such close proximity (relatively speaking) would undoubtedly have already been preceded with a gigantic advertising campaign. Not that the franchise even needs marketing, of course, but publisher Take-Two will assuredly want to make as much of the world aware of GTA V‘s successor as possible.

Ultimately, we’re looking at what’s likely to be another red herring, but there’s certainly no lack of more convincing rumors currently doing the rounds online. A now-deleted Reddit thread posted earlier this week claiming to have the scoop on various features intended to be present in Grand Theft Auto 6 claims Rockstar intends to formally announce the game next month. See here for the full story.

Source: Dexerto