Far Cry 4 vs. Grand Theft Auto V: Which Game Should You Spend Your Money On?


How can you compare these two games? They’re completely different!

Well, firstly, that’s very presumptuous of you. Settle down. Secondly, allow me to explain. Both Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 4 are shoot-y, new-gen, sandbox offerings that have you running about committing all sorts of murder under the pretence of a meaningful narrative thread… in first-person.

Yes sir, in an historic move akin to Italy switching sides during World War II, Grand Theft Auto V now let’s you do the ‘theft’ bit using the eyes inside your own character’s head. Now it’s all well and good floating around behind your avatar like the Lakitu Bro from Mario 64, but the simple change of perspective actually marks GTA out as a whole new experience – something more visceral, more involving. The option to play it this way also satisfies the marketing guys, as it brings GTA into the realms of the FPS – the most popular genre in the universe right now.

Another reason we’re comparing them is because they came out on the same day, meaning their hands are in direct competition for time in your wallet. Also, both games have dogs. So there’s that.

So, which is better? Let’s find out together, by distilling and judging the core elements of the games, like a magazine review from the ’90s.