Halo 5’s Large Ghosts Of Meridian Update Goes Live Today


A big new update is now live for Halo 5: Guardians as 343 Industries have released their latest set of content into the game with Ghosts of Meridian. This latest update adds a whole host of extras and – best of all – it’s available free of charge.

What we get here, among other things, are two new maps: Skirmish at Darkstar (for Warzone) and Tyrant (for Arena). There are also additional weapons including Tartarus’ Gavel and a Legendary gravity hammer, and plenty of multiplayer updates and fixes as well as general gameplay adjustments.

As well as parading Ghosts of Meridian, this trailer also offers an exciting tease for an upcoming beta headed for Halo 5. Between April 14th and 18th, players will be able to experience the Warzone Firefight mode. The beta features the Escape from A.R.C. Warzone map, in which up to eight players can fight together – using the REQ System from the main Warzone mode – to compete in five rounds of increasingly difficult objectives set against a timer.

Halo 5‘s latest free update is available now, so you can check it out for a few days before the Beta launches in just a week’s time.