Halo Infinite Release Date Reportedly Leaked By Retailer

halo infinite

Microsoft’s attendance at this year’s Gamescom came and went without even referencing the one game every Xbox owner has been clamoring to hear about since it was announced.

Halo Infinite, the next chapter in Master Chief’s illustrious career as humanity’s savior, was originally intended to be a system-selling behemoth launching in proximity to the Xbox Series X|S. This pairing was never meant to be, of course, as the software giant subsequently confirmed that 343 Industries needed more time to make John-117’s debut on next-gen the best experience it could be.

Ever since then, Microsoft has refused to provide a release date for the next entry in its flagship franchise, preferring instead to give incremental progress updates on the title. In the absence of any such reveal during Gamescom, though, it would appear as though third parties have delivered the goods instead.

As spotted by Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, the official Xbox Game Store in certain regions has been updated within the last 24 hours, replacing a previous generic placeholder date with one more specific; December 8th. Check out the screenshot Lumia managed to grab down below.

Assuming this is simply a case of pulling the trigger a little too early and that Halo Infinite is, in fact, scheduled to land as advertised above, the UNSC’s greatest asset taking up arms against the Covenant in December would make for a powerful boon during the critically important holiday season. Even more so, given that Sony has nothing major lined up to release during the same period.

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