Henry Cavill Tried And Failed To Beat The Witcher 3 On Hardest Difficulty


The first-ever centralized and official celebration of all things The Witcher took place over the weekend, in turn giving those who tuned in updates and reveals on several upcoming projects.

Indeed, barring the lack of any new game announcement – which CD Projekt RED was keen to stress beforehand, wouldn’t be present – audiences were able to get the best look yet at the second season of Netflix’s live-action adaptation, as well as panels with cast and crew providing further insight into the show’s highly collaborative method of production.

Naturally, the series’ central character, Henry Cavill, sat down to talk not just about his return to the Continent as Geralt of Rivia, but also how he was first introduced to the series via CDPR’s aforementioned video games.

It’s certainly no secret by now, of course, that Cavill is an avid gamer – having famously almost missed an audition for Superman due to raiding in World of Warcraft – and has completed The Witcher 3 from start to finish numerous times.

An achievement that continues to evade him, however, is being able to claim victory over the open-world RPG’s hardest difficulty, Death March. Relaying how it took him three attempts just to get past the campaign’s first major combat encounter, Cavill admits that he reverted to his less punishing Blood and Broken Bones (i.e. hard mode) save.

Assuming he’s able to find the time, the Hollywood star says he hopes to experience the two DLC expansions for The Witcher 3 at some point in the near future, though he, as well as anyone else yet to play either, may want to wait until CDPR’s updated next-gen versions of the title for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S arrive later this year.