Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 9 Week 6 Challenges


This week in Fortnite, you’ve got a mountain-sized list of tasks to complete.

As of writing, the battle royale’s sixth batch of challenges has just gone live, meaning those that have been keeping pace with Season 9’s content updates will be dropping onto Battle Island with an eye for ticking each off ASAP. Like last week’s relatively straightforward list of assignments, there’s nothing particularly difficult required this time around, though a few are likely to require that you set aside some time to see them through.

As opposed to the sole staged challenge present in Week 5, two are on the agenda this time around. Multi-tiered as they are, each requires completion of several individual stages to obtain those sought after Battle Stars and often take multiple matches to fully complete. For Week 6, they include the usual requirement of landing at different Points of Interest around the map as well as completing various activities while inside a Hot Spot. For a quick rundown of how the latter feature works, see here. Otherwise, check the cheat sheet below for further guidance, courtesy of Fortnite Insider.

As far as the remainder of Week 6’s content, there’s little here likely to trip you up. SMG eliminations will come naturally via normal play, as too, will eliminations at The Block or Fatal Fields. With the risk associated with piloting vehicles, managing to cause the 200 to one could prove tricky, though hanging around known spawn points for the Baller should prove effective enough.

And so all that leaves is the Storm Flip. Introduced in Season 9, this lightning in a bottle has different properties depending on your map position. Fortunately, nothing beyond simply using the item in three different matches is necessary here, so feel free to throw and forget it.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Fortnite challenges. Those looking to use this article as a checklist can do so via the full list of challenges below. Good luck, and see you next week!

Free Challenges

  • Staged Challenge: Land at different locations
  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents
  • Staged Challenge: Complete activities at Hot Spots

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent
  • Use a Storm Flip in different matches
  • Use different vehicles in a single match
  • Eliminate opponents in The Block or Fatal Fields