Upcoming Fortnite Update Will Nerf Season 8’s Baller Vehicle


Such is the nature of Fortnite‘s ever-changing metagame that balancing the scales for certain new gameplay additions can be a headache and a half. Epic Games kicked off the battle royale title’s eighth season last month with a drastic reshuffle of Battle Island, but it’s the addition of a particular new vehicle that continues to cause problems for player and developer alike. The glass ball fitted with a grappling hook otherwise known as the Baller has, on the whole, been a welcome addition to the ranks of Fortnite‘s existing modes of transport, but it still remains somewhat overpowered, it seems.

Scheduled to arrive in the near future, patch v8.30 will introduce further tweaks to the one-seater spherical device that should, assuming all goes well, alleviate some of the gripes players currently have with the vehicle. As per the official patch notes posted by Epic, the key change being made is to how folks take damage while in the driver’s seat. Admitting that it’s currently “not satisfied” with how the Baller functions in-game, a future change will allow players confronting one of the rolling balls of death to shoot through the fragile glass encapsulating the Baller’s driver, hopefully making said engagements feel considerably less one-sided.

As for the tempered metal frame holding each pane of glass in place, Epic says that stray bullets landing in such places will still be deflected and collision damage will, of course, still take effect. Whether or not these latest changes will be the last necessary to keep the Baller in check is anyone’s guess, but Epic will no doubt be keeping a watchful eye on social media channels for any and all feedback. With any luck, everything will go swimmingly and it won’t be once again forced into disabling the Baller to make hasty changes.

As and when Epic provides a more solid launch window for Fortnite patch v8.30, we’ll be sure to let you know, but in the meantime, you can discover all of the latest content added with patch v8.20 by heading through here.

Source: Epic Games

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