Here’s how and when to watch the MCC 21 Minecraft Championship

Minecraft fans will come together for this year’s official championship in just a few short weeks.

MCC 21 — or Minecraft Championship 21 — is pulling participants and viewers from all walks of life, collecting fans of the popular video game for this year’s ultimate stand-off. The competitive Minecraft tournament will see 10 teams face off against each other in a range of games selected by competitors. Here’s when fans of the bestselling video game can tune in to enjoy the action.

When is MCC 21?

This year’s Minecraft championship will air on April 30, closing out 2022’s fourth month in style. Viewers can tune in at 8pm BST, according to the official MC Championship Twitter account, which is 3pm for EST viewers.

Where to watch

There are a few locations from which fans can witness the championship from afar, as noted by Dot Esports. Noxcrew’s official stream, which will appear on the team’s Twitch channel, is the most all-inclusive location. This viewing option comes from the source of the tournament, which will allow fans to witness the action as it was intended and keep their eyes on multiple competitors.

Viewers checking in for a specific streamer may be better served seeking out their individual livestream. Each of the day’s participants will stream to their own channels, allowing fans to enjoy the championship without keeping track of other streamers.

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