Hilarious New Video Reveals Apex Legends’ Unluckiest Player

Apex Legends

As one Apex Legends player has unfortunately just discovered, the science of physics can be a cruel mistress indeed. Like no doubt countless others before them, Danny_ABR, believing they could outrun the dreaded life-sapping ring in World’s Edge before it consumed them, resorted to a desperate play in order to escape its clutches.

With just five squads and twelve players remaining in the quest for glory, Danny, in desperate need of a speed boost, hooks themselves to a nearby Sky Platform in order to gain the momentum necessary to escape certain death. At first glance, it appears as if the master getaway plan has been executed flawlessly, though delight quickly turns to despair when the Wraith player comes back down to Earth.

Already traveling at inhuman speeds, Danny, clearly unable to control their trajectory, plummets headfirst into the funnel-shaped opening of World’s Edge’s power plant, a landing spot that swiftly proves to be their undoing. Instead of simply face-planting the plant’s concave top and coming to a halt, Wraith is instead catapulted straight back to where they came from and thus, devoured by the ring, leaving just one teammate behind to fend for themselves (you can check out the clip over on Reddit).

Well, that’s what you’re led to believe, at least. Responding to queries of what happened next, Danny confirms that they did in fact survive being hurled through the sky and ultimately finished in 3rd alongside one other surviving teammate. As for the bizarre stunt in question, it remains to be seen whether Respawn will alter character behaviour when it comes into high-speed contact with curved surfaces, though given that this is an extremely fringe (and funny) case, I imagine it’ll be left as is.

Apex Legends Season 4 is currently underway and introduces a number of key changes to the metagame. You can read all about those here or, alternatively, head this way for a first look at new limited-time event System Override, due to kick off tomorrow, March 3rd.