5 Things I Seriously Hope We Get From Grand Theft Auto V


All anyone around the web is talking about right now is Grand Theft Auto Online. I think gamers are overjoyed at the idea that they can finally get to do whatever they wanted with whom ever they choose in a Grand Theft Auto game, and I think the allure of that is lost on no one. Just think, jacking a chopper so you and sixteen of your friends can then skydive to an area, pull off a heist, and then all sixteen of you jack sixteen different cars to and go in sixteen different directions to throw off the cops, than you can meet up later at one of your safe houses and split the loot. If that doesn’t sound awesome to you, then you mustn’t be a gamer, or a human.

But all this talk of Grand Theft Auto Online has taken some of the attention off the fact that we are getting a brand new GTA next month, featuring three protagonists, branching story lines, and what will easily be the largest open worlds of any of the GTA games.

Grand Theft Auto V will also undoubtedly have some amazing radio stations, amazing super star cameos, and some of the most elaborate and intense missions this series has ever seen. So, I thought I would take a moment to talk about the five things that I hope we get from the Grand Theft Auto V, because let’s not forget, as awesome GTA IV was, it had some glaring flaws that will truly ruin GTA V if they are carried over.