How To Play Nekopara On Android

Nekopara Android

Nekopara, the catgirl-themed visual novel series, is one of the most popular eroge franchises of all time. With six video games, two OVAs, a manga series, a catboy-themed spin-off, and a 12-episode anime, Nekopara is certainly here to stay.

And yes, with a little bit of work, you can also play the Nekopara games on your Android device. Want to bring the fun to your Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy? Here’s how.

How to play Nekopara on Android

Nekopara Game

For the time being, there’s only one official Nekopara Android release, and it’s technically a spin-off. NekoparaCatboys Paradise is available for Android via the Google Play Store. The game serves as an otome gender-bend rendition of Nekopara, where players inherit a cafe and train four handsome catboys as butlers.

For a more traditional Nekopara Android experience, you’ll have to stream the games from a PC to your mobile Android device. Luckily, Steam Link offers PC-to-mobile streaming. To get started, just download the Steam Link app from the Google Play Store, install the Nekopara games on your computer of choice, and start the Steam Link Android app. Players can either connect a Bluetooth controller to their phone or use direct input from their fingers to simulate the mouse.

For best performance, make sure your desktop or laptop is using a wired Ethernet connection.

While there’s no official Nekopara Android release, fans should still keep an eye out for future ports, given Catboys Paradise is now available via Google Play.