How To Increase Inventory Capacity In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

One of the areas in which Resident Evil Village far outpaces its predecessor (as far as variety is concerned, at least) is weapon choice. Thanks to the rotund Duke’s resourcefulness, Ethan is able to constantly improve his arsenal while dealing with Mother Miranda’s children, to the extent that he’ll quickly exhaust the default amount of inventory space available.

Fortunately, however, the grid-based system inspired by Resident Evil 4 can periodically be expanded to account for all these acquisitions, though perhaps unsurprisingly, not for free. Friendly he may be, but Ethan’s dedicated vendor won’t part ways with any of his stock without remuneration. It’s worth noting, too, that larger briefcases will only be purchasable upon reaching specific points in the campaign, with the first being added to the store after defeating Lady Dimitrescu.

Once you’ve dealt with the castellan, return to the village’s Giant’s Chalice ceremony area to converse with the Duke and grab the first upgrade for 10,000 Lei. The second (and final) baggage enhancer can be sourced from the same place at a much later period in the game for 30,000 Lei, though at this stage you’ll more than likely have plenty of cash to spare as long as you haven’t gone too crazy attempting to pimp out every gun to maximum your strength straight off the bat.

It’s still possible to become over-encumbered in Resident Evil Village even with such deep pockets, but don’t forget that you can manually rotate and shuffle items to squeeze out some extra room for ammo and meat, the latter of which can either be sold or used to boost Ethan’s health and movement speed. Treasures and crafting items, on the other hand, are kept safe elsewhere, so don’t be afraid to explore your surroundings for rare loot!