Indie Gem Firewatch Hits 1 Million Sales


It’s no secret that the story of Henry and Delilah, one rooted in the Shoshone National Forest of ’89, left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside here at We Got This Covered. As a matter of fact, Firewatch, was up for both the Indie Game Of The Year accolade and overall Game of the Year during our end-of-year coverage, and though Campo Santo’s poignant adventure ultimately missed out on the top prize, there’s no question that the studio’s debut title made its mark on the video game industry – and beyond.

Fast forward to now and, just as Firewatch nears its one-year anniversary, Campo Santo has announced that the hit mystery game has surpassed 1 million sales across all platforms (read: PS4, Xbox One and PC). News of Firewatch reaching such a milestone shouldn’t be all that surprising, particularly as the indie gem blazed past 500,000 sales during its first month on the market, when it was only available for those on PS4 and PC.

Per Twitter:

Developed in tandem with Panic Inc., it remains to be seen whether Firewatch‘s lucrative success spawns a sequel. Given the manner in which the game ended, we imagine that a follow-up would need to venture down a different creative avenue than its forebear, potentially with new characters (and setting?) to boot.

One way or another, the legacy of Firewatch will live on through the planned feature film. It’s still early days on Campo and Good Universe’s upcoming adaptation, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on the project as it begins to spark into life.