We Got This Covered’s Indie Game Of The Year


For most gamers, 2016’s calendar will be remembered best for an array of AAA titles. The likes of Uncharted 4, and more recently The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV are just a few landmark games that have punctuated a solid year for the industry. In fact, almost every month brought with it new television commercials or billboard advertisement touting the latest release.

For that reason, it’s often easy to overlook the less publicized games from smaller, independent studios. Ironically, though, as of late, indie games have arguably been offering the more interesting experiences. We’ve seen these smaller developers dare to innovate where AAA titles sometimes stifled by the publishers that fund them, and boldly explore narrative themes, free of the shackles of political correctness.

There’s just an incredible amount of talented individuals among the indie scene and this article is all about recognizing the best efforts from smaller studios. This year, we’ve been treated to some stunning games that are more than capable of rubbing shoulders with most lavishly funded franchises.

So, without further ado, read on to discover the games that made our shortlist, and which one we crowned as WGTC’s Indie Game Of The Year….