Injustice 2 Joker Trailer Marks The Return Of Batman’s Most Dangerous Foe


Coming as no surprise to anyone, Injustice 2‘s newest character reveal has turned out to be none other than the Clown Prince himself, Joker. Thanks to the numerous leaks preceding NetherRealm’s official trailer, pretty much the entire world knew that the psychotic prankster was next in line to join Injustice 2‘s ranks, but it’s nice nonetheless to finally get a good look at Harley Quinn’s one true love in action.

As the aforementioned footage and images seemed to imply, this version of Mr. J certainly has a distinct air of Jared Leto’s portrayal of the character about him. although dare I say it, this incarnation looks considerably more brutal and sadistic. Equipped with a short, jagged blade and draped in his trademark royal purple colors, Joker certainly looks like a force to be reckoned with in Injustice 2 as he goes up against the likes of Robin, Green Lantern and even the Man of Steel himself. In a cute nod to fans of the Bat and his entourage, Joker trades verbal blows with Robin before throwing physical ones, making a mockery of a previous holder of the title, Jason Todd.

Speed and misdirection appear to be Joker’s greatest assets then, his combos lightning-fast and his gadget arm even quicker. Laughing gas bombs, deadly toy guns and other iconic ‘toys’ are hiding up Joker’s sleeves, so be on your toes at all times. One thing’s for sure, there’ll never be a dull moment when going up against him.

So that’s another character reveal down, but in case you missed it, NetherRealm also released an introductory video for the godlike Darkseid earlier today, who will be playable for all who pre-order the beat ’em up. Check it out below.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.