It’s Official: BioWare’s New IP Is An RPG Called Shadow Realms


After releasing a string of nebulous teasers in the past couple of weeks, BioWare Austin has finally unveiled its latest action-oriented RPG, Shadow Realms.

During EA’s Gamescom conference, Jeff Austin, the studio’s general manager, went on to outline the core concept behind the mysterious PC-only game.

“We want to bring back some of the creativity of a human game master who authors an ever-changing adventure right before you eyes. The Shadowlord controls every aspect of the game, possessing, entrapping and destroying. A continuously updated story, embedded in the online adventure, along with an ever-changing world, will ensure that no two trips will play out the same way.”

Set within a “modern fantasy world,” the new IP also features four player co-op where players will go up against the malevolent Shadow Lord. As Austin alluded to, Shadow Realms will also incorporate an episodic storyline that the studio plan to increment in the months after release. In doing so, BioWare will hope to instil a true sense of causality to the on screen proceedings — a feat that fans of the studio will no doubt be familiar with following Mass Effect.

Though details are currently scarce on the ground, the narrative at the heart of Shadow Realms will centre around a group of unassuming teenagers who, after discovering they have innate mystical powers, do battle with the titular shadow enemies that have begun to invade our earthly dimension.

At this time, Shadow Realms is slated to release exclusively for PC in the latter stages of 2015. Although, players eager to jump into BioWare’s latest title can enlist in the game’s closed Alpha through the studio’s official site.

Source: BioWare

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