Kevin Conroy Won’t Voice Batman In The Next Video Game


It’s probably safe to say that most modern readers of Batman comics have heard one man’s voice in their head when sitting down to enjoy the Caped Crusader’s adventures on the printed page – and that’s Kevin Conroy’s. Ever since blowing us all away with his character-defining performances on Batman: The Animated Series, he eventually returned for other shows like Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited, not to mention a slew of video games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequels.

Now, with yet another interactive experience starring the Dark Knight on the way, fans far and wide are understandably wondering if Conroy will once again lend his pipes to the timeless icon. And before we get to what he had to say regarding the matter, you should know that the project is in the hands of Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal, and that it could very well feature the Court of Owls as the villains.

Getting back to Conroy, JOE asked him if he’s involved, and they got a reply of “I’m not.” And when they expressed their bewilderment, the veteran actor simply added “I know. I don’t know why.”


If I had to answer why, my best educated guess says that WB Games Montreal gave Roger Craig Smith first dibs. After all, he voiced Batman in the aforementioned Arkham Origins, so they may feel comfortable working with him. And to his credit, Craig has gone on to voice the World’s Greatest Detective in several animated movies in the time since, including three Batman Unlimited flicks, Batman Ninja and the upcoming Superman: Red Son. Still, it’s important to stress this is merely speculation on my part and a different actor altogether may have been enlisted.

Regardless, Conroy fondly remembers his time on the Arkham series, saying:

“I’m not a gamer, but I have been guided through playing the game, by the Rocksteady [makers of Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight] people.

“And boy, it is spectacular. I can see why people are so addicted to them. The feeling of flying through Arkham with Batman is just incredible.”

Hey, I have to agree with him. Being a lifelong Batman fan myself, I may have to name the Arkham franchise as being my favorite depiction of the character – ever. Not only were they fantastic games overall, but the way they immersed you in the universe that is Gotham City still astounds me. No matter what WB Games Montreal cooks up – and with which actor – I’m already all in.

Source: JOE