Kingdom Hearts 3D Mark Of Mastery Edition Announced

Afraid you aren’t going to be able to show your love for Kingdom Hearts 3D enough? Well you’ve got your chance now, if you’re willing to drop a few more bucks on the game to get the “Mark of Mastery Edition.”

For $15 more, you can earn a handsome, collectible box, 12 art cards reflecting the history of the franchise, 5 AR cards useful for unlocking Dream Eaters in-game for putting on your team, and a specially designed 3DS system protector.

It IS pretty cool. But c’mon, isn’t there a missed opportunity here? Keyblade stylus anyone? Downloadable soundtrack? I’d pay a bit more for that.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is slated for release at the end of July.

What say you, gamers? Will this be adorning your own personal collection as well?

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