Kojima Productions Might Be Hinting At A New Silent Hill Game


While it might not have been the most traditional video game out there, last year’s Death Stranding was a critical and commercial success, having racked up a handful of perfect review scores, including one from our very own David Morgan. Following the fallout between studio head Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, it seemed like any projects the two had been working on (including a brand new Silent Hill game) would be axed permanently, but a recent social media post has some gamers rethinking their stance on the matter.

A tweet from Kojima Production’s official Twitter account shows a staged picture of Aki Saito, the studio’s head of communication. At first glance, the photo in question is pretty standard stuff, but there are a few odd inclusions that have begun to turn heads. For starters, the post itself features the phrase “sorry to be silent,” which some have interpreted as a reference to Konami’s horror franchise.

Secondly, zooming in on the pic reveals that Saito has scribbled the phrase “Next Week!” on a small notepad, suggesting that a formal reveal or announcement is right around the corner. Lastly, if you look closely, you might notice Aki is using a pencil, or more specifically, a Pyramid brand pencil. Sure, this may be a coincidence, but Pyramid Head is the franchise’s most iconic character, having originally debuted in 2001’s Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2

Granted, none of these observations mean much on their own, but when you look at all of them together, it’s hard to deny the possibility. We’ve already heard rumors that Konami might be revealing new Silent Hill games later in the year, so for now, we’re willing to take this one on good faith.

As always though, we’ll keep you updated on any news or rumors we hear, so be sure to check back with us often!