Latest Killer Instinct Trailer Confirms B. Orchid

killer instinct b orchid (2)

Double Helix Games has released a new trailer for their Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct, revealing that fan favorite B. Orchid will be included in the fighter’s short roster of characters.

The Killer Instinct trailer is actually focused on the recently announced spider-lady Sadira (who apparently has a massive pet spider), with the B. Orchid reveal teased at the very end of the video. Due to the brief amount of time on screen, we don’t get to see much of her redesign and none of her move set.

With that said, the trailer does give us a pretty good look at Double Helix’s take on the B. Orchid character. Overall, they seem to have done a good job updating her look, while at the same time staying true to the original design.

The only major difference between the new B. Orchid the original Killer Instinct appears to be that instead of turning into a magical fire cat, she now summons a magical fire cat. At first that seemed a little strange, but then I realized that the whole idea of a magical fire cat is just strange to begin with.

Check out the latest Killer Instinct trailer below, and let us know your thoughts on B. Orchid’s new design in the comment section.