2 New Silent Hill Games Rumored To Be In Development

Silent Hill

Stop us if you think you’ve heard this one before. That’s right, according to the latest rumour currently making the rounds, not one, but two new Silent Hill games are in active development.

Specifically, this report comes by way of industry insider Aesthetic Gamer, who’s renowned for his reliable leaks pertaining to the Resident Evil franchise. His latest scoop claims that two brand new Silent Hill games may currently be in the works and the first title is purportedly the PS5 exclusive that was rumoured to make an appearance at The Game Awards last year. Needless to say, we now know that the aforementioned annual show disappointingly came and went without any trace of anything Silent Hill-related.

Next, the insider insists that a second title set in the foggy lakeside town may also be in development. Interestingly, the latter project is allegedly a multi-platform game that will likely launch on modern consoles. Furthermore, Aesthetic Gamer goes on to say that this second title may be the Telltale-esque episodic release that was rumoured to be announced in 2020, but admits that specific game might’ve actually been canned by Konami.

Silent Hill

Of course, we’d suggest to take this all with a big ol’ pinch of salt. Nevertheless, from series composer Akira Yamaoka teasing a game that “people may have been hoping to hear about” to consistent speculation from industry insiders like Aesthetic Gamer, it’s fair to say that the rumour mill for Silent Hill‘s much anticipated return continues to turn unabated. And to be frank, we think now’s the perfect time for the iconic horror series to make some kind of comeback. Fingers firmly crossed, though, right?

But what say you? Are you tired of hearing about all these Silent Hill rumours? Or do you think that there’s no smoke without fire? Sound off in the usual place down below!