Launch Trailer For ReCore Emerges Ahead Of Release On September 13


Is it just us, or is ReCore not getting the attention that it perhaps deserves? Ever since being announced at last year’s E3, only a handful of trailers and snippets of gameplay have been released by Microsoft in the lead-up to release, leaving many in the dark as to the finer details of the brand new intellectual property.

Thankfully, with the Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive just two weeks away from release, Microsoft has released a launch trailer for Armature Studios’ enigmatic adventure, providing some much-needed story details and gameplay.

Billed as an action-adventure title with a generous helping of platforming elements, ReCore details the life of Joule Adams, a scavenger of sorts, who is accompanied by a handful of ‘Corebot’ companions in her quest to “bring new life and hope” to a desolate world.


Okay, so most of that is information we already had, but the launch trailer reveals that Joule has been set on this dangerous path by way of her Father, Dr. Thomas Adams, and that each of her robot companions represents qualities Joule has inherited from her father: loyalty, elusiveness and brute force.

To coincide with the new gameplay, Microsoft has also revealed the actors who’ll be portraying ReCore‘s main cast of characters. Protagonist Joule is played by Erika Soto (Halo Wars 2), with Connor Trinneer (Stargate: Atlantis and Star Trek: Enterprise) taking up the role of her father, Dr. Adams. Kai Brehn, the new character revealed in the launch trailer, is being brought to life by Harry Shum Jr. (The Mortal Instruments, Glee).

With the minds behind ReCore being the very same that are responsible for the Metroid Prime series, we have high hopes for it, not least because the legendary Keiji Inafune is serving as producer. Will it live up to the anticipation? Time will tell.

ReCore releases for Xbox One and Windows 10 on September 13, and will be the first title to utilize Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program.