Magic: The Gathering Arena Phantom Cube Draft Event Revealed

Magic the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Arena players will have a whole new way to experience the collectable card game next month.

Beginning in June, Phantom Cube Draft will be available as a limited-time mode and require an entry fee of 4,000 Gold or 600 Gems (the first one is free) to participate. As for what makes this particular ruleset different from other drafts, Cube Draft will feature a total of 555 cards hand-picked by the developer from across all sets currently available in Arena. To keep it short and simple, that means any card from Battle for Zendikar to Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths can be pulled from the three 15-card boosters provided at the beginning of a draft.

For some added spice, Wizards also confirms that all cards added with Historic Anthology III will have a chance to show up, making for some interested and varied deck-building opportunities.

Unlike ordinary drafts, however, any cards you pull from these digital packs will not be added to your permanent collection for later use. That being the case, the entry fee advertised above may prove to be a turn-off for many, though wins, as always, will be rewarded with varying amounts of Gold and individual cards. Taking into account that your first go is free, it’s definitely worth giving the format at least one go when it kicks off next month, June 12th. Phantom Cube Draft will stick around in-game until June 25th, the scheduled launch date for Core Set 2021.

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