Magic: The Gathering Card Leak Reveals New Mechanic For Dungeons & Dragons Expansion

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons crossover won’t just contain characters and locations from the popular tabletop game but mechanics, too.

As spotted by Reddit user TheWizardOfFoz, a card purportedly illustrated by known MTG artist Russ Nicholson and posted in a private Facebook group reveals that the Standard format expansion will be bursting with flavorful additions, including the ability to have users explore dungeons for loot and upgrades. The card in question, a three-cost white artifact gargoyle, comes into play with meager 0/4 stats but gains several buffs if its user manages the prerequisite of completing a dungeon.

This is the first time such text has been printed on a creature spell in Magic and has prompted fans to start speculating as to what the rule will entail. Some have put forward the suggestion that dungeons will function similarly to Sagas or Lessons or be a combination of both, and you can check out the early preview for yourself – which also showcases Adventures in the Forgotten Realms‘ unique rulebook art style – below.

For those not aware, Sagas were first introduced in 2018’s Dominaria block and would be revisited in later sets, including Theros: Beyond Death, Kaldheim and Modern Horizons 2. When placed on the board, each of these features from two to three abilities which automatically trigger on subsequent turns and then move to the graveyard once exhausted. Assuming something like this is adopted for dungeons, players could instead be required to tick off various objectives such as killing or casting a predetermined number of creatures or spells, respectively.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see what Wizards of the Coast has planned for Magic: The Gathering‘s next major release and fortunately, there’s not too long to go. Preview season officially kicks off on June 29th, with a rolling launch penned in for July 8th.