Magic: The Gathering Reveals More Highly Requested Reprints For Double Masters

Magic: The Gathering

Spoiler season for Magic: The Gathering‘s next set release has officially begun and Wizards of the Coast has already revealed several heavy hitters sure to be at the top of many players’ wish lists. Last printed in War of the Spark and Masters 25 respectively, Karn Liberated and Jace, the Mind Sculptor were confirmed yesterday to be making their return in Double Masters, with the former even getting his own alternate full art variant.

Two frequently requested reprints are already in, then, but it’s not just two extremely powerful Planeswalkers that are making a comeback. A handful of green and artefact cards, all of which hail from previous set releases, have been subsequently revealed by Wizards and its partners and you can check them out for yourselves via the gallery below.

Revealed Cards

  • Sharuum the Hegemon
  • Wurmcoil Engine (Alternate-art)
  • Sculpting Steel
  • Engineered Explosives
  • Lux Cannon
  • Terastodon
  • Exploration

With hundreds of cards still left to be revealed, fans can expect a whole lot more Double Masters card previews to surface between now and full release on August 7th for Magic: The Gathering Arena and tabletop. MTG Online users, on the other hand, can get their hands on digital packs a day early for $6.99 each – a far cry from the controversial $90 Wizards is charging for each VIP Edition pack.

Will you be buying the premium version of Double Masters though, or are you strictly sticking to standard packs in the search for the most desirable cards? Let us know in the usual place below!