Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Rare And Alt-Art Cards For Double Masters

Magic the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has just wrapped up its latest preview session for Magic: The Gathering‘s next expansion and this one’s a doozy.

Several cards for Double Masters have been revealed this time around and while all may be reprints from older releases, early impressions from fans on social media appear to be majorly positive. Anticipation for the set had been beginning to slide over the last few days due to controversies surrounding not just the price of premium VIP Edition packs ($90 a pop) but for Wizards’ inaccurate description of what could be found inside the wrapper of each booster.

That miscommunication has since been cleared up, of course, and while doubts remain over value, today’s reveals should help to instil some confidence in the product. Alongside a sizable batch of rares, two alternate-art cards have also been showcased, all of which you can check out via the gallery down below.

As some of the most powerful creatures and sorceries ever printed, it comes as little surprise that Noble Hierarch and Cyclonic Rift are making a return and perhaps even less so, that Wizards has chosen to include so-called box topper versions of each. The term refers to full art variants of standard cards that often feature altered or completely different artwork as well as a much lower rate of availability. Both will have a chance of showing up in every iteration of Double Masters, though only in the aforementioned VIP Edition will you have a chance of pulling a foil variant.

That about wraps up your daily dose of Magic: The Gathering reveals, though if you’ve missed out on any previous announcements, our full coverage of the set can be found through here. Double Masters launches August 7th for tabletop and Online.