Magic: The Gathering Reveals Every Reprint For Commander Collection: Green

Magic the Gathering

In case you hadn’t heard, Wizards of the Coast is pulling out all the stops for fans of Magic: The Gathering‘s Commander format in the latter half of 2020.

The card game creator recently outlined its release schedule plans for the long-awaited Commander Legends set as well as a breakdown of the various different products that players can find at their local game store. Split into two versions, 20-card boosters intended for drafting and 15-card collectors packs featuring exclusive extended art and foil variants will be available, and which you choose to pick up will largely come down to what you prioritize more in a Magic product.

For those that primarily play green, however, a third option is on the way. You’ll have to wait until December 4th to pick up Commander Collection: Green, but for those with a preference for playing decks with big creatures and mana ramp, this is one bundle worth keeping an eye out for. Consisting of eight rares and two Mythics (one of which is the Planeswalker Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury), you can check out all of the collection’s contents down below.

As depicted, two different versions of the green collection will be available at Wizards Play Network stores, standard and premium. The cards included in each are functionally identical, though the latter will demand a higher price due to the added holofoil flair. For those that already own existing versions of all eight cards, Wizards is incentivizing a repeat purchase with all-new art for each of the inclusions and you can let us know in the usual place below which of them you like most.

Commander Legends, on the other hand, is due to arrive in stores on November 6th. For a first look at all of the cards so few revealed, see here.