8 DLC Characters We’d Love To See In Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

8) Juri

I’m wary of putting Juri on this list, not because I think the character is an unpopular choice (far from it), but rather, because of the series she hails from. It’d be absurd to think Capcom wouldn’t include at least a handful of characters from Street Fighter to fill out the ranks on its own side of the brawler, but there’s a fine balance to be struck as to ensure Infinite‘s title doesn’t inadvertently become Street Fighter vs. Marvel instead.

Ryu and Chun-Li, as the series’ most iconic faces, were always going to have spots reserved, but if we’re to believe their creator is going to follow the same pattern as Infinite‘s predecessors, and that’s looking to be largely true, then one or two more are likely to join them in the future – if not at launch, then certainly as DLC.

Akuma is, as he always is, at the front of that queue, but I’d rather see someone else replace the Raging Demon. There’s no denying that Street Fighter IV introduced some absolute stinkers as far as brand new characters are concerned (please never return, El Fuerte), but one managed to integrate herself just fine.

After just two appearances, Juri’s already managed to accumulate a huge fanbase, so one can only assume she’s a potential candidate for DLC.