Marvel’s Avengers Announces Release Date Of Leaked MCU Skin


It’s official: Marvel’s Avengers is getting a new character skin once, again taking inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Crystal Dynamics-developed game made the official announcement via the Marvel’s Avengers Twitter page, showing off a gruff-and-tumble, maskless Captain America à la Avengers: Infinity War. Check out the image from the announcement below:

The Square Enix-distributed action role-playing brawler is the latest in a plethora of similarly MCU-inspired cosmetic options, with this latest one arriving on the marketplace on September 30th. Compared to the other Captain America skins already available, this latest one represents a much grittier look than past iteration, standing out as the only one where his face is uncovered.

ComicBook reports that the image was previously surreptitiously included in a marketplace email for the game, even though the cosmetic add-on hadn’t officially been announced, in what is thought by some to be a leak of the skin.

The price has not yet been announced, but given the game’s track record with MCU-inspired add-ons, we’re guessing it won’t come cheap.

Black Panther is one recent example of a character treated to an MCU-skin, something the game has a long history of releasing for all the playable Marvel characters in the game.

Spider-Man is also reported to be a new playable character available for the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers, exclusively, so we’ll just have to see what Tom Holland-inspired costumes could arise from that when it becomes available sometime later this year.