Marvel’s Avengers Still Has A Lot Of Unrevealed Villains


Fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Marvel’s Avengers already know all about its cast of heroes, but what about their counterparts?

With a good chunk of time still standing between now and the action-adventure title’s release, Crystal Dynamics is in no rush to show and tell and it’s likely that some of the villains that Earth’s greatest heroes will face-off against will be kept secret until then. So far, in fact, just two malevolent entities, Taskmaster and Abomination, have been revealed to the public, but fear not – there’s plenty more where they came from.

As part of a recent chat with Hot 97’s HipHopGamer, Marvel’s Avengers lead combat designer Vincent Napoli had some interesting thoughts to share.

“We have a lot of villains planned that we haven’t even talked about yet,” reveals Napoli, adding, “And a couple of them I’ve been fans of for a long time.” Does that help us at all in deciphering which iconic supervillains have been picked for Marvel’s Avengers? Short of raiding Napoli’s comic book stash for a clue, no, not really, though we at least have confirmation that the Avengers will have plenty opportunity to test their mettle against major opposing forces threatening the peace.

It’s worth noting too, that while Crystal has yet to explicitly confirm MODOK as making an appearance, his organization, AIM is intended to play a major role in the game’s narrative, making him an extremely viable candidate. Beyond that, however, it’s just too early to tell who’s waiting in the wings for a chance to take on Captain America and his team or, for that matter, whether said villains will be part of the base game or intended as post-launch DLC.

Whatever the case, we’ll hopefully learn more prior to Marvel’s Avengers‘ launch next year. Stay tuned.