Marvel’s Avengers Will Get Raid-Like Content For Free After Launch

Marvel's Avengers

Following a sizable delay, Marvel’s Avengers is now tantalizingly close to release.

The live service title, which allows superhero fans to take direct control of the team’s iconic members, is due to arrive almost exactly one month from today and will feature six playable characters from day one. Thanks to a series of recent developer insights streams, we now know that the first of many post-launch additions to that roster will be master archer Hawkeye, though that’s certainly not the only type of DLC that developer Crystal Dynamics intends to produce in the weeks and months to follow.

New missions, areas and story material have all already been confirmed to be on the development roadmap, of course, but that’s still not all. As part of a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) with fans over on Reddit, War Zones director Phillipe Therien and game designer Lauryn Ash confirmed that the ambitious action-adventure will, in fact, provide raid-like content.

Addressing one user’s query in regards to whether the feature will be available straight away, Therien responded with the following:

The first raid-like content we have (I use that word because we have a cooler word for our game) is going to be very close to launch, like not months close, weeks close but we are finalizing the date now. I think we will showcase it in one of the next news beats so i’m hoping you guys get a preview of it and then get to play it just a few short weeks after. We are also already working on more of them.

For those not familiar with the term, raids is a term applied to what’s usually considered to be challenging endgame content. Other live service titles such as Destiny and The Division often use their inclusion as cornerstone content intended to test the resolve of players and require that they team up in order to complete mechanically-demanding encounters.

Whether Marvel’s Avengers will follow suit with its contemporaries remains to be seen, of course, but we’ll assuredly be hearing more not long after release day on September 4th. Before then, however, there’s the long-awaited beta period to get excited about. For a summary of all the dates and times of availability per platform, see here.