Marvel’s Avengers Beta Will Be Several Hours Long, Include 20 Missions

Marvel's Avengers

Since all major gaming events have been canceled due to the pandemic, we’ve been treated to a steady drip feed of information through video reveals and streams. Crystal Dynamics has showed off much of Marvel’s Avengers‘ gameplay through their “War Table” video streams, for instance, and the most recent one offered up some more information on the upcoming beta.

The beta will include the entire Golden Gate Bride sequence from the A-Day Prologue reveal, which will essentially introduce players to the combat mechanics and hero-specific moves. This segment sounds like a fun set-piece heavy tutorial level, and should give us a pretty good idea of what’s in store for the single player content in the full game.

After the prologue, the War Table will give players access to two single player hero missions, ones that feature Kamala Khan and the Hulk. These include a mission to find J.A.R.V.I.S. in the Pacific Northwest and another inside an underground S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Russia, complete with boss battle and cinematics.

Completing this single player content unlocks four playable heroes: Iron Man, Kamala, Black Widow and Hulk. These characters are playable in 4-player (or AI-controlled player) co-op over three mission types, including three HARM Rooms (horde mode style challenge rooms with waves of enemies), five War Zones (giant battle arenas with objectives) and Drop Zones (smaller single objective encounters). Overall, this sounds like a pretty large chunk of playable content and should help sway buying decisions one way or another. This might even turn the tide for the game’s reception, as it was initially met with less than favorable impressions.

As far as character customization goes, one of three starting skill pages for each hero will be available, with the rest opening up in the full release. Apart from the roster we already know about, Hawkeye has been confirmed as a post-launch DLC character as well, and Spider-Man could possibly make an appearance in the game at some point too.

Tell us, though, you be downloading the Marvel’s Avengers beta when it launches on your system of choice? Let us know in the comments section below.