30 Years Of Samus: Ranking The Metroid Games

Metroid Games Ranked

Metroid is one of the few gaming franchises that has been able to not only succeed in both 2D and 3D, but has undeniable classics in both dimensions. Many consider Super Metroid to be the apex of 2D gaming, and each game in the Metroid Prime series is considered to be among the greatest first-person shooters ever made. It’s truly amazing how Nintendo has been able to re-invent its franchise over time and keep it relevant in an ever-changing gaming landscape.

Today, the beloved series celebrates its 30th anniversary. The original game released August 6, 1986 on the Famicom Disk System, and since then, there have been 10 sequels in the franchise. Another game — Metroid Prime: Federation Force — releases later this month on Nintendo 3DS.

And so, to celebrate one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises, join us as we take a look back on all of the games in the Metroid series and rank them from best to worst.