Microsoft Plans To Roll Out Competitive Pricing Plan For Digital Releases


Microsoft has unveiled plans to reassess its digital price structure for Xbox Live, with the company assuring fans that competitive pricing is very much “on the agenda.” News comes via Larry Hyrb (A.K.A. Major Nelson), who took to Reddit to address the issue after a handful of gamers had trouble redeeming the $10 Titanfall discount through the company’s online store.

Speaking in regard to the pricing policy, Hyrb confirmed that Microsoft is well aware of community complaints:

“We are way aware of this and many of the concerns of the community – we have some great stuff planned for Xbox One this year — and beyond. As soon as we can share some of the goodness…we will.”

While Microsoft’s director of programming didn’t specify any immediate plans, the fact that he acknowledged the price disparity between retail and digital is reassuring. After all, given that these price points vary by region, the company was criticised back in December when first-party exclusives such as Ryse: Son of Rome were priced at £49.99, as opposed to their £45.99 retail counterpart.

Elsewhere in the thread, Xbox One users also pitched for the option to pre-order (and subsequently pre-load) digital games, as well as the ability to purchase codes for online releases in bricks and mortar stores. Whether or not Microsoft implements some of these grassroots concepts remains to be seen, even still, the exorbitant price point for digital games will remain the priority for many a gamer.

What do you think, though? Do you feel Microsoft’s digital marketplace needs this revision to give it that consumer friendly appeal? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Reddit

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