Microsoft To Offer Cable Service

Comcast, Verizon, Charter, and now Microsoft? That’s right, Microsoft has reported that they are planning on bringing more cable channels to the console than just ESPN as recently added via the latest Xbox live update.

Gamespot reports via a Reuters source that they are attempting to offer a respectable number of channels for a monthly fee. They are apparently also looking to cut deals with current cable providers to allow for the Xbox to be turned into a cable box bypassing the need for a DVR or HD box to receive purchased programming.

This move is pretty interesting to see since for the last couple of E3 events, Microsoft has always preached that they wanted the 360 to become a complete entertainment device. Streaming music and movies through their Zune service was only the beginning as they eventually added the ability to purchase and download shows from channels like Comedy Central, CBS, and MTV.

Now they’ve added Netflix, ESPN, and have even struck a deal with AT&T to make the XBOX 360 the cable box of their U-verse. With a $99 conversion fee and some software, you can already make the jump.

Still, you’ll have to wait around another 12 months or so while they work out the kinks and contracts in all this before dumping AT&T or Comcast as your cable provider. Still though, the prospect is pretty exciting and definitely has me interested.

Your thoughts?