How To Perform Every Fatality And Brutality For Joker In Mortal Kombat 11


The penultimate DLC character for Mortal Kombat 11 is now officially available to purchase and download on all platforms and it appears as if he’s tearing up the place.

In fact, Joker is quickly becoming a favourite among the fighting game’s fan base, who’ve found his mix-ups and monstrous combos to be some of the most terrifying to date in NetherRealm’s flagship brawler. Batman’s nemesis is far from unbeatable, of course, but it goes without saying that you’ll be encountering your fair share of Gotham’s notorious villain, should you dare to brave online multiplayer lobbies.

There’s always the option of fighting fire with fire, however, so if you’ve been meaning to put Joker through his paces but feel like a crash course is in order before jumping behind the wheel, so to speak, we’ve got you covered. Continue through the break below for a rundown of Joker’s Fatalities and Brutalities, as well as how to perform them.

If you’ve seen any of the trailers leading up to Joker’s release, you’ll have already seen these in motion. Regardless, you can perform each at the end of a victorious match by inputting the following.


  • Party Pooper
    (Mid-Range) Down, Forward, Back, 2
  • Pop Goes The Mortal
    (Mid-Range) Back, Down, Back, 1


As for Brutalities; they’re a bit trickier. Not only must each gore-laden finisher be performed prior to the victory screen, but several prerequisite conditions must be met first, or else a grand total of nothing will happen, even with the right inputs. The full list is as follows:

  • The Klassic
    All Variations: (Close) Down + 2 (Hold 2)
    – Do not block in the final round
    – Final hit must come from Down + 2
  • Playful Puppet
    Down, Back, 3 (Hold 3)
    – Final Hit must come from Puppet Parry
  • Head Case
    Back, Forward, 4 (Amplified)
    – Must have performed five C C D D E G E C
    – Final hit must come from Amplified C C D D E G E C
  • Batter Up
    Back, Forward, 2 (Amplified)
    – Final hit must come from Amplified Birdboy Beatdown
  • Together Forever
    Down, Back, 3 (Release 3 to start fire then quickly hold 3 again)
    – Final hit must come from Getting Lit
  • Blam Blam Blam
    Back Throw, then 1 & 2 repeatedly

It’s worth noting, too, that unlike Fatalities, these less cinematic counterparts must be unlocked by participating in Mortal Kombat 11‘s Tower battles. These gauntlets pit you against a ladder of increasingly difficult opponents with varying modifiers and boast rewards such as currency, cosmetics and, of course, the item in question. Once you’ve unlocked them, though, they’re yours to keep and, if you can master them, are the perfect way to flex on any unsportsmanlike opponents. Worth it.